Live Painting, Podcast & Storytime with Alexander Ward & Jungle Visions

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I recently took part in a live podcast with Third Eye Drops.

Starting off with a live podcast conversation between Third Eye Drops and myself, it proceeded to be a series of live videos where I painted a page from my book, where people could watch live and join in the conversation.

Over a couple week period, I hosted 4 livestream events (each 4 hours) at the Third Eye Drops headquarters. The total views between the 4 Live videos was a whopping 87k views and it was fun interaction between artist and viewers.

I have edited 3 separate videos from these livestream events. The first video is the podcast section of the live videos (and some painting) The second video is a time-lapse of the entire painting, with extra narration talking about the themes of the painting. The third video is a segment of the live videos, whereI read passages from my journal, written whilst I lived in the Jungle with Ayahuasca.

Video 1: The Podcast Conversation

Video 2: The Full Narrated Painting Timelapse

Video 3: Illustrated Ayahuasca Journal Reading

Wardyworks on the Novelty Generators Podcast with Niles Heckman

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My appearance on the Novelty Generators Podcast by Niles Heckman.

I had great fun on this podcast and was able to be one of my most relaxed selves on a podcast. (There is often an element of stage fright!)

Go visit Niles’ Podcast here:

He has many great guests on the show, including;
Michael Garfield, Michael Wiese, Dr Octavio Rettig.

Check out Niles’ amazing new documentary series ‘Shamans of the Global Village’: