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I am an artist creating paintings, animation and films on the subject of the sacred medicines of the world.

I now have a store to purchase high quality art prints and original paintings.

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Alexander Ward

Psychedelic Creative

I create art & film influenced by the sacred plant medicines of the world.


I have a Vlog series sharing the life of a Psychedelic Artist. Sharing stories, travel and art. Generally being experimental in video and content creation.

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I have an online video series, where people share their experiences with the psychedelic medicines of the world; from what they went through in the experience to how it has affected their lives.

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Ayahuasca really takes down the barriers of the mind and places your focus on your emotions; how you feel in the present moment. This is important as this idea of connection to all life isn’t a thought, it is a very real quality to life that needs to be felt.

Alexander Ward